Super ATV’s Katie Vernola Goes Desert Racing in 2017

Katie Vernola Makes Her BITD UTV Driving debut at Parker 25

San Clemente, CA (1/12/2017) – Super ATV’s Katie Vernola made her desert racing driving debut at the Parker 250, round one of the Best in the Desert Series, in Arizona. Driving a long wheelbase Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo, Vernola made it to the halfway point of the grueling Pro Turbo Class race before technical issues took her out of contention.

Vernola, a veteran of WORCS and Terracross UTV racing, is planning a full time BITD effort this year. She was happy to get some seat time in the first race and hopes to further shakedown the Polaris RZR in preparation for the upcoming Mint 400.

“Though we didn’t get to finish, we did make it halfway through the race, I did get into a groove and was able to get comfortable driving,” said Vernola. “We still have a ways to go, but we will get there. We’ll be working hard on the car and testing. We’ll be ready and we’re looking forward to a finish at the Mint 400.

“I’m so privileged to have a great group of sponsors behind me,” added Vernola. “Polaris, Super ATV, Fuel Off Road, Got Sand Performance, and Jim at Addict Racing, Chris at XTC power products, Kevin Miller at Miller Sign Corp all made this possible.”

Vernola is no stranger to desert racing. Although the Parker event marked her debut as a driver, her father and uncle both competed in desert racing and she co-drove in the Pahrump BITD race last season with Mike Lewis.

“I learned a lot of the dos and don’ts at Pahrump,” said Vernola. “I took what I learned and put it toward my own car. It helps to know how to change those little things that matter in the end. I wanted to run some longer courses, and I enjoy the longer distance racing. My dad and my uncle were into desert racing. I had the opportunity with my current sponsors, so I said ‘Let’s give it a go.’”

Vernola is busy preparing for the Mint 400. She plans a grueling testing schedule before that race. Her goal: finish in the top 5.

“I wanted to take my time and do it right, and unfortunately we didn’t have time to test much before this race,” said Vernola. “So I really want to get out and test a lot more before the Mint. I need to get more comfortable with driving the car, get all of the bugs out of the new car and get across the finish line in the top 5.”

Vernola will be ready to roll for the Mint 400, scheduled for March 2-5 in the desert outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

2017 Katie Vernola Sponsors:

Polaris Industries, Super ATV, Fuel Off Road, Got Sand Performance, KING Shocks, K&N Filters , XTC Power Products,Cody Haggerty, Addict Racing, BAJA Designs, P.C.I, Fuel Safe, Miller Sign Corp, Cryo Heat.


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Cahuilla Creek Motocross Dirt Series Round 6

Pro UTV class 5th place finish

I arrived at the track Saturday for practice and Sunday was race day. The Dirt Series has two races and they combine both for an overall finish. Practice went really good with my new 2.5 King shocks on the rear and it performed flawless jumping into the flats and step up the Cahuilla track offered. After two 20-minute practice sessions I felt very comfortable on the track. Pete Corwin from Got Sand Performance and Niko Skiparnias changed the belt, K&N Filters, added a splash of Renegade race fuel and I was prepared to take on the Pro UTV race. The first race on Sunday I lined up in the center of 9 other Pro drivers. It was a land rush start nine wide up a steep hill into a tight u-turn. The green flagged dropped and my Bikeman Performance motor pulled hard and in the first turn I was in 4th place. I came around the second turn with three racers that checked up and unfortunately I got tangled into the back of Nic Grunland. It took a minute to get us separated and luckily we were able to continue racing. With us being dead last I just put my head down and pushed the rzr to 7th place. I parked the RZR back into the pits to prepare for the second race and found only minor plastic scratches. I got lined up for the second race and pulled hard up the hill in second and came out of the first turn in 3rd. I battled hard through the motocross track and was able to finish 4th for an overall finish of 5th for round 6 of Dirt Series. The Super Atv a-arms and rhino axles held up once again through the big jumps, tough landings and rough sections. My Bikeman Performance motor ran so strong with two really good starts and tons of power out of the corners. My King Shocks let me push my rzr to the limits and still stay super smooth. The Fuel Offroad tires hooked up the hole time and throughout the sandy course. A special thank you to Pete Corwin for making sure the car was perfect for this motocross style track.

Photo Credit: Cody Haggerty, Throttle Junkies, Steven Bell.

Video credit: Garret George

2016 Katie Vernola Racing Sponsors:
Super ATV, Fuel Offroad, Black Rhino Performance,Andersin_Design, Got Sand Performance, Bikeman Performance, King shocks, Polaris RZR, KN Filters, CP Carrillo, Streamline Breaks, Bell Racing, Action Sports Canopy, K1 Race Gear, UTV Underground, Cody Haggerty, UTV Sports Mag, MTX Audio, RockWell Watches, KC Hilites, Hess Motorsports, Toy Up industries,



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Katie Vernola WORCS Round Eight Race Report

Cedar City, UT (05/28/2016)  SuperATV’s Katie Vernola competed in the eighth round of the WORCS series at Iron Mine Race Park in Cedar City, UT. Vernola suffered mechanical issues that kept her from the finish she was working for but had an impressive ride until then.

Vernola entered the eighth round in a newly built Got Sand Performance Polaris RZR. “It is beautiful. We tore it down and did everything we could to lighten it up. Pete with Got Sand Performance did an amazing job. It was my first time braking with my left foot. I am in the center now, which is very different. I am learning to turn all over again. I know it was risky doing it mid season, but at the end of the day, it was well worth it,” explained Vernola.

At the start of the race, Vernola rocketed off the start to claim thholeshot with her Bikeman Performance motor “The Bikeman Performance motor is fast. I stepped on the peddle and that was it. I have never led a race in the WORCS series, so I am very happy.”

“The first lap was crazy fun. I just tried to pay attention to what was in front of me because the track was pretty tough. I lead the first lap and most of second, but I made a mistake getting on two wheels and let second place get passed me in the end of lap two.

Bad luck struck Veronla in the third lap while running in the second spot when mechanical issues ended her race early. “Unfortunately, I got a little lean on my car and I realized something was broke in my rear end. I know from my past, don’t stop until the car won’t go anymore, so I just kept on going. All the sudden, I was doing 360’s, I got out and looked at my car, and I lost a rear tire.”

Even after the mechanical issues took her out of the race, Vernola maintained a positive attitude. “I really love this course and it was a lot of fun. All the Super ATV components and my King shocks were amazing. My Fuel Offroad tires really hooked up in the mud and with the help of Fullerton Sand Sport I was able to get the hole shot and maintain a good lead. All these bits and pieces are coming together, and I really appreciate it.”

The ninth round of the WORCS series will be held at Glen Helen MX in Devore, CA September 16-18. Vernola will be coming back stronger than ever and ready for redemption.

2016 Katie Vernola Racing Sponsors:

Super ATV, Fuel Offroad, Black Rhino Performance, Got Sand Performance, Bikeman Performance, Andersin_Design, King shocks, K&N Filters, CP Carrillo, Streamline Breaks, Bell Racing, Action sports Canopy, K1 Race Gear, UTV Underground, Cody Haggerty, Polaris RZR, UTV Sports Mag, MTX Audio, RockWell Watches,, KC Hilites, Hess Motorsports, Toy Up industries.

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Katie Vernola Takes Podium Finish at Sand Hollow WORCS

Hurricane, UT (4/18/2016) – Super ATV’s Katie Vernola clinched a third place finish in the sixth round of the WORCS series at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah.

Vernola’s race was nothing short of thrilling. When most would have called it quits after not one, but two rollovers and a broken helmet visor, Vernola persevered to capture a well-deserved position on the podium.

“I was in third or fourth, battling up to some cars. All of a sudden they stopped and the next thing I know, I am going end over end. I went over two times, somehow landed on all fours, and just kept on going,” explained Vernola.

Astonishingly, the same situation repeated itself 20 seconds later. “I did it again on the next roller. I was thinking no way is this happening right now, but I just tried to keep on going,” stated Vernola. The rolls were so hard and happened so quick she was in complete shock to land on all fours again and was able drive her way to the checkered flag.

Vernola’s race proved just how strong the components on her car were. “All the Super ATV parts held together even after my car rolled five to six times.”

Vernola faced more bad luck when the crash caused the visor to come off her helmet. Without eye protection from the sandy conditions, Vernola was in for a real challenge. “This is something that has never happened to me, when I rolled my visor came off my helmet. With 30 plus mph winds and sand flying everywhere, my eyes were watering really bad and I could barely open them,” stated Vernola. I pulled over to grab my visor on the floor and there another utv passed me. I was super bummed but it was worth it because I couldn’t see a thing.

Despite all that happened, Vernola had nothing but praise for her sponsors and the parts on her car that kept her going throughout the challenging race. “My Fuel tires and wheels were hooking up great and withheld the sharp rocks and sand sections. I also just want to say I would put up everything I own to show and prove to everyone King Shocks are the best out there, hands down. I saw a video of my rzr and I am just absorbing the whoops while the other racers are bucking all over. I cannot be happy enough with my Bikeman Performance motor and all my sponsors and the parts they provide me, because without them, I would not be here with a third place today.”

Vernola will be back fighting for another WORCS podium finish on Memorial Day weekend at Iron Mine Raceway in Cedar City, Utah.

2016 Katie Vernola Racing Sponsors:

Super ATV, Fuel Offroad, Black Rhino Performance, Bikeman Performance, Andersin_Design, King shocks, K&N Filters, CP Carrillo, Streamline Breaks, Bell Racing, Action sports Canopy, K1 Race Gear, UTV Underground, Cody Haggerty, Polaris RZR, UTV Sports Mag, MTX Audio, RockWell Watches,, Got Sand? Performance, RacePak Data, Fuel Customs, Fuel Safe, Pro Eagle

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Katie Vernola Finishes Fifth at WORCS Round Five

Lake Havasu City, AZ (3/20/16)- Super ATV’s Katie Vernola clinched a top five finish at round five of WORCS from Lake Havasu City, AZ. This was the last race of the double header weekend, with round four taking place on Saturday. Vernola competed in the Women’s class, where she battled for the lead then suffered mechanical difficulties on the last two laps of the race to salvage a fifth place finish. 

Vernola launched herself to a great start and the race looked promising early on. “I got a better start then I did yesterday,which I was excited about. I just tried to keep up the momentum up and run up front early,” stated Vernola. 

Unfortunately, the momentum was quickly stalled out when mechanical troubles began. “Within maybe 30 seconds of the first lap I had to turn off the car. It sounded like it was stuck in neutral. I was still in high, so I turned off the car and then tried to get back going,” explained Vernola.

After Vernola did get back going on the track she made some serious progress, catching all the way up to second place. Vernola ran second with just a few seconds gap on first and suddenly, mechanical troubles struck again when Vernola hit a sharp rock on the track, which caused her to get a flat tire, causing her to slowly lose positions. “My car was hot and suffering a flat tire so that was a bummer. First place and I had a big lead on the other competitors, we were about a minute or so ahead. However with only two laps to go and suffering issue I was able to still limp around and finish fifth place. I was barely going two mph up those hills. I thought for a second I was going to have to get out and push, but I managed to get passed the checkered flag,” said Vernola.

Despite the issues, Vernola enjoyed the race and the track. “The lagoon jump was fun. I am landing very smooth, the King shocks just cushion it up so its not a hard landing at all. I am racing on SuperAtv’s long travel Kit which is the best aftermarket improvement I have on my Polaris RZR. My Bikeman Performance motor has soooo much power I absolutely love it!!! Lake Havasu is so much fun, I can not wait to get out here and race again. The sand is beach sand so it feels really nice. I am loving the track style. The sand and woops are similar to back home so its nice to drive on something I’m familiar with,” reported Vernola. 

I want to give a big thank you to Superatv for getting me the best parts in the industry and to Fuel Offroad for providing me tires and wheels that have with held the beating I put it through. Also thank you to Black Rhino Performance and Erik Ridens for there prep work in between races. King Shocks dialed me in before the race which made my rzr perform amazing through the holes and whoops Lake Havasu offered. My Bikeman Performance motor with CP Carillo rods and pistons make it for one fast machine!!

We will be back for round six. Hopefully I will finally get that first place,” said Vernola about her next WORCS series appearance. Round six will be held on April 15-17 at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, UT.

2016 Katie Vernola Racing Sponsors:

Super ATV, Fuel Offroad, Black Rhino Performance, Bikeman Performance, Andersin_Design, King shocks, K&N Filters, CP Carrillo, Streamline Breaks, Bell Racing, Action sports Canopy, K1 Race Gear, UTV Underground, Cody Haggerty, Polaris RZR, UTV Sports Mag, MTX Audio, RockWell Watches,, KC Hilites, Hess Motorsports.

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Katie Vernola WORCS Round 4 Race Report

Lake Havasu City, AZ (3/18/2016) – Super ATV’s Katie Vernola competed at WORCS round 4 in Lake Havasu City, AZ on Saturday, which was the first race of a double header weekend. Vernola was in a hunt for a podium finish till the final lap, but she ended up finishing out the day with a sixth place finish.

Vernola experienced a frustrating start to her race, and really had her work cut out for her to catch the leaders. “I thought I had a good starting position, but once the green flag dropped, I got tangled up in the mix of things and pulled out around third to last,” explained Vernola.

Vernola did not let the start discourage her. She put her head down and pushed forward, eventually working her way up to a very impressive third place position. “I just tried to keep it clean and save the car since the track was super brutal. The ruts were insane. Eric from Black Rhino helped me adjust the King suspension and it felt great. It was difficult starting from the back and having to work my way through,” stated Vernola.

Vernola ran in third place for a while, but bad luck struck again. “Trying to go through some lappers I got tangled up with two Arctic Cats and it put me on my side, ruining in third place. Luckily, two guys ran over and helped push me back over. I was able to jump back in and make it to the checkered flag.”

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Vernola showed she had the speed and the ability to run up front, and has maintained a positive attitude through all the challenges this race threw her way. “It was a bittersweet day. I was doing really well and I was making some really good improvements. I will just have to carry that on to the next round and hopefully have some better luck,” stated Vernola.

Once again, Vernola’s long travel kit, King Shock, Bikeman Performance motor and Fuel Offroad Wheels and Tires helped her conquer the tough track conditions. “There were tons of people out there with flat tires, but mine felt great. I felt like my traction was staying under control. I wasn’t sliding around. I was able to gas through the sand and then onto the hard packed dirt,” stated Vernola.

The next round of WORCS will be held on Sunday at the same location. Vernola will be looking for redemption, and striving for her place on the podium.

2016 Katie Vernola Racing Sponsors:
Super ATV, Fuel Offroad, Black Rhino Performance, Bikeman Performance, Andersin_Design, King shocks, K&N Filters, CP Carrillo, Streamline Breaks, Bell Racing, Action sports Canopy, K1 Race Gear, UTV Underground, Cody Haggerty, Polaris RZR, UTV Sports Mag, MTX Audio, RockWell Watches,, KC Hilites, Hess Motorsports.












Katie Vernola Clinches Second Place Finish at South Point WORCS

Las Vegas, NV (2/29/2016) – Super ATV’s Katie Vernola competed in the third round of the WORCS series in Las Vegas, NV at the South Point Casino. Vernola competed in both the Pro and Women’s SxS class, where she took a career best second place finish.

In the Pro class, Vernola pushed herself to a fifteenth place finish out of a total 26 cars. “I started in the very last row and I hit some traffic right out of the start. I tried to keep it cool, calm, and collected. I was able to make some good passes, but I did take some hard hits from all directions and my power steering continued to shut off,” explained Vernola. With her passenger trailing arm bent and her drive shaft bent she was still able to make it to the checkered flag. The track consisted of tight u-turns, jumps, tire and sand section, and containers we had to drive over and through.

The hits from other racers caused some damage to Vernola’s car that required welding work. Dale from H Town Performance opened up shop Sunday morning to do repairs on some of my parts and Erik from Black Rhino Performance got everything prepped and put back together before her next race.

Next up for Vernola was the Women’s class, and after the track time Vernola stacked up in the Pro class, she was feeling confident heading into the Women’s race. “I did not get exactly what I wanted from the pro class, but I knew what I needed to do to get my times better in Women’s,” said Vernola. Unfortunately for Vernola, she was caught up with some other cars in the start, which caused her to come out last.

“I just tried to keep it smooth and keep up the pace as much as I could. My car handled really well through those huge bumps thanks to my SuperATV long travel and King suspension. My Fuel Off Road Wheels and Tires felt really great on the multiple terrains at South Point Casino. I drove by tons of people with flat tires or suspension torn apart, but I was able to make it through the 30 minute pro race and the 30 minute Women’s race with only minor damages that we were able to fix,” stated Vernola.

Despite being tangled up in the start in the women’s class, Vernola put her head down and charged her way through the pack to a career best second place finish. “I was so excited to pass the checkered flag because it was my best finish yet in the WORCS series. My Bikeman Performance engine was so fast and sound so good in the indoor arenas,” stated Vernola.

Round four and five of the WORCS series will be held in Lake Havasu, AZ on March 18-20th. Watch for Vernola to return as strong as ever and charging for the win.

2016 Katie Vernola Racing Sponsors:
Super ATV, Fuel Offroad, Black Rhino Performance, Bikeman Performance, Andersin_Design, King shocks, K&N Filters, CP Carrillo, Streamline Breaks, Bell Racing, Action sports Canopy, K1 Race Gear, UTV Underground, Cody Haggerty, Polaris RZR, UTV Sports Mag, MTX Audio, RockWell Watches,, KC Hilites, Hess Motorsports.






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Vernola Honored with War Fighter Award at UTV World Championship
Katie Vernola Polaris RZR UTV World Championship Race Report


Laughlin, NV (2/22/2016)- With a record UTV turnout of 200+ racers, this UTV World Championship was going down as the biggest UTV race of the year. During Fridays tech and contingency, I was on air with Jim Beaver from the Down and Dirty radio show and I also signed autographs out front of the UTV Underground booth. Saturday’s race began with the BITD desert race. My team and I helped pit for Tyler Greves and Kevin Burnette from Superatv. They had a great race so I was eager to get out on the track. My race was 64 miles, 4 laps, and 103 UTVs were in my class. I lined up in the fourth row and when the green flagged dropped I started my engine and launched to a great start. “I came off around third or fourth into the first turn. I was doing really well. I kept up the momentum and passed a lot of cars,” stated Vernola. Unfortunately, the good ride quickly came to an end when Vernola’s brakes unexpectedly went out. “I came into a turn hauling like I always would and I found that I didn’t have any brakes. I slammed into the car in front of me and flipped over.”

Vernola’s persevering attitude pushed her to keep going even after the accident. She attempted to push the car over herself and even had a fellow racer by the name of Dennis Boyb from S3 Power Sports stopped to lend a hand, but it took a truck to pull the RZR back over. “Dennis stopped on the track and tried to help me push the car over. We tried one or two times but it was not budging. I think that was huge for someone to stop and do that at such a big race like this,” stated Vernola.

“I looked at my car and thought my race was over. From my experience in the past I knew don’t stop and that’s exactly what I did. I kept going around 15-20 mph all the way back to the pit. Somehow four laps later my car made it to the checkered flag,” explained Vernola.

After such a heart-wrenching race, emotions overcame Vernola at the finish. “ When I saw the checkered flag I just started bawling my eyes out. I couldn’t hold it back I was so happy I finished. It was an unreal experience,” explained Vernola.

Making it to the finish line after a crash such as Vernola experienced is no easy feat. She credits her great sponsors and components for getting her there. “I was very happy with my Bikeman Motor. I saw a lot of people on the side with flats and other random damage, but my Super ATV suspension, Fuel Offroad Wheels and Black Rhino Cage held it together. I was able to go the 40 plus miles even after the flip,” stated Vernola.

Vernola was also honored with the War Fighter award for Perseverance. Upon accepting this award, Vernola had some inspiring words to share, “When one little thing happens it could be all gone in one second. That’s all it takes. Today, and every day of my life I always know to never give up. No matter how hard it is, no matter how many people tell you that your not good enough, your not capable, your not cut out for this, it doesn’t matter. As long as you set yourself out for it you can achieve it. I never thought in a million years I would be here. I am very honored and privileged to accept this.”

“I will do whatever I have to do to make sure I come back with my car just as prepared as it was the first round, if not even better. Hopefully I will get a better chance at the next one and get a better finish for my sponsors.”

Super ATV’s Katie Vernola proved her determination at the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship by overcoming adversity and pushing on to the checkered flag to finish the race. For her perseverance, she was honored to receive the War Fighter Award. Watch for Vernola to come back stronger than ever this coming weekend at the South Point WORCS race in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I finished 61st place out of 103 UTV’s.

Thank you to Niko Skiparnias, Erik Riden, Jason Price, Chris Chapman, and Joe Costa.


2016 Katie Vernola Racing Sponsors:
Super ATV, Fuel Offroad, Black Rhino Performance, Andersin_Design, Bikeman Performance, Polaris RZR, King shocks, UTV Underground, K&N Filters, CP Carrillo, Streamline Breaks, Bell Racing, Action sports Canopy, KC Hilites, Cody Haggerty, UTV Sports Mag, MTX Audio, RockWell Watches,









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Katie Vernola’s Takes Sixth Place at Buffalo Bill’s WORCS


Primm, NV (1/31/2016) – Super ATV’s Katie Vernola savaged a sixth place finish after an early run for the podium at round two of the WORCS series held at the Buffalo Bill’s Casino & Resort in Primm, Nevada.

Katie Vernola shot out of the holeshot to a great start in third place, and narrowly avoided getting caught up in a chaotic crash. “I don’t know how I made it through honestly. Two cars right in front of me rolled in the start. It was chaos,” said Vernola.

Around the first lap Vernola found herself in second place and battling for the lead. “It was a great feeling. It was something I’ve never felt before,” stated Vernola. Unfortunately, suffered a mechanical issue, which kept her from continuing her charge for a podium finish, so she backed off the gas and played it smart to make sure she finished the race. In the end, Vernola secured a sixth place finish After some issues, Vernola eventually fell back to sixth place.

Vernola really enjoyed the race and is happy with her performance, stating, “I really liked it. I had a lot of fun and I look forward to the next race. The track was great and my car feels amazing, all the new products on it make it really feel stable. I know if we work these bugs out I can win.”

While Vernola has plenty of experience UTV racing in Terracross and Lucas Oil, the WORCS series is an entirely new experience for her this year, so she expects it to take some time to get her setup right and learn the tracks. “WORCS is really different, but I really like it. It is more about having fun out here. I really enjoy the 45 minute moto versus the Lucas Oil twelve lap moto. I know the tracks are going to keep getting harder and harder, so hopefully I can get my car beefed up and ready to handle the gnarly WORCS tracks,” said Vernola.

One thing that stood out in Vernola’s mind from the race was the performance of her Fuel Offroad Tires. “There were rocks everywhere out there buried in the sand, and I was able to hit the rocks without worrying about getting a flat and still have plenty of traction in the sandy turns. I have raced on tons of different tires, and I am happy to have finally found one that I feel really works with the car,” explained Vernola.

“The King shocks were also amazing. I could really tell when I was driving up next to someone and they were bucking and mine was staying low, absorbing the bumps,” said Vernola.

Before the next WORCS race, Vernola plans on attending the UTV World Championship in Laughlin, NV in just two weeks on February 19-20th, and the next round of WORCS racing is just one week later back in Las Vegas, NV for round three at the South Point Casino, and she is looking to earn herself a spot on the podium before the end of the month.


2016 Katie Vernola Racing Sponsors:
Super ATV, Fuel Offroad, Black Rhino Performance, Bikeman Performance, Andersin_Design, King shocks, K&N Filters, CP Carrillo, Streamline Breaks, Bell Racing, Action sports Canopy, K1 Race Gear, UTV Underground, Cody Haggerty, Polaris RZR, UTV Sports Mag, MTX Audio, RockWell Watches,