“I was so happy I ran the X Comp 33″ A/T ATR [at The Mint 400] because it gave me the height I needed, in the roughest terrain I’ve raced on. The ruts were so deep it tried to take control, but the X Comp tires wouldn’t allow it. The tires had amazing traction! ” – Katie Vernola, Driver of Katie V. Racing

The Mint 400 is a 400 mile off-road race and festival that attracts 500+ race teams and over 65,000 fans in Las Vegas in the near week long event.

#WCW  (& everyday too) goes to @katievracing who not only iron woman’s @themint400 – she also WINS 1st place in the UTV RS1 Class riding on Gladiator X Comp A/T ATR’s!  Keep scrolling to experience her journey out in one of America’s grueling off road races. 

There is a bonus in the event results! All races had a live stream coverage that generated 25+ hours of content seen in 126 countries by more than 800,000 viewers – a massive jump from 2019!

Desert racing usually consists of a driver and co-driver/navigator. Katie’s Polaris RS1 was built specifically for The Mint 400 race. It is a single seater, so she took on the challenge to Iron Woman the Mint 400 by herself.

The starting line format was 2 race cars off the line every minute. There was three laps, each 107 miles with three pits in between.
“I tried to make up time I had lost [due to a clutch issue]. I didn’t take it too easy going through the rock garden and shooting range because I knew my tires could handle it,” said Katie.

After a steering issue, the RS1 was now driving great! With the sun setting and 230+ miles left to go, Katie was focused on finishing the remaining miles ahead.

Unfortunately previous vehicles who crashed had taken out some of the track markings, making it very difficult to see where the track was. After finding her way and 2 more fuel stops, Katie gets the checkered flag, taking the win of her class by being the only finisher.

“I’m proud to say I’m the only lady to race the Mint 400 solo in a UTV. My Gladiator X Comp tires performed flawlessly at 85 miles an hour on the lake bed and even at 30mph through the harshest rock quarry where there is nothing but sharp rock for miles,” said Katie.

With determination and spirit, and after a long, wild night out in one of America’s grueling off-road races, her win is definitely well deserved. 💪 Congratulations again, Katie. Cheers to you and all to come!

“I cannot thank Gladiator X Comp enough for building an amazing tire with zero flats and zero issues and tires that look like they can go another 300+ miles,” said Katie.

During these unprecedented times, let the Brand Ambassadors continue being the storytellers of their adventures for you to experience. Hear what it’s like to race on Gladiator X Comp Tires and enjoy the ride. Stay positive, safe and healthy!

Katie Vernola’s Takes Sixth Place at Buffalo Bill’s WORCS


Primm, NV (1/31/2016) – Super ATV’s Katie Vernola savaged a sixth place finish after an early run for the podium at round two of the WORCS series held at the Buffalo Bill’s Casino & Resort in Primm, Nevada.

Katie Vernola shot out of the holeshot to a great start in third place, and narrowly avoided getting caught up in a chaotic crash. “I don’t know how I made it through honestly. Two cars right in front of me rolled in the start. It was chaos,” said Vernola.

Around the first lap Vernola found herself in second place and battling for the lead. “It was a great feeling. It was something I’ve never felt before,” stated Vernola. Unfortunately, suffered a mechanical issue, which kept her from continuing her charge for a podium finish, so she backed off the gas and played it smart to make sure she finished the race. In the end, Vernola secured a sixth place finish After some issues, Vernola eventually fell back to sixth place.

Vernola really enjoyed the race and is happy with her performance, stating, “I really liked it. I had a lot of fun and I look forward to the next race. The track was great and my car feels amazing, all the new products on it make it really feel stable. I know if we work these bugs out I can win.”

While Vernola has plenty of experience UTV racing in Terracross and Lucas Oil, the WORCS series is an entirely new experience for her this year, so she expects it to take some time to get her setup right and learn the tracks. “WORCS is really different, but I really like it. It is more about having fun out here. I really enjoy the 45 minute moto versus the Lucas Oil twelve lap moto. I know the tracks are going to keep getting harder and harder, so hopefully I can get my car beefed up and ready to handle the gnarly WORCS tracks,” said Vernola.

One thing that stood out in Vernola’s mind from the race was the performance of her Fuel Offroad Tires. “There were rocks everywhere out there buried in the sand, and I was able to hit the rocks without worrying about getting a flat and still have plenty of traction in the sandy turns. I have raced on tons of different tires, and I am happy to have finally found one that I feel really works with the car,” explained Vernola.

“The King shocks were also amazing. I could really tell when I was driving up next to someone and they were bucking and mine was staying low, absorbing the bumps,” said Vernola.

Before the next WORCS race, Vernola plans on attending the UTV World Championship in Laughlin, NV in just two weeks on February 19-20th, and the next round of WORCS racing is just one week later back in Las Vegas, NV for round three at the South Point Casino, and she is looking to earn herself a spot on the podium before the end of the month.


2016 Katie Vernola Racing Sponsors:
Super ATV, Fuel Offroad, Black Rhino Performance, Bikeman Performance, Andersin_Design, King shocks, K&N Filters, CP Carrillo, Streamline Breaks, Bell Racing, Action sports Canopy, K1 Race Gear, UTV Underground, Cody Haggerty, Polaris RZR, UTV Sports Mag, MTX Audio, RockWell Watches,















WORCS Round 1 in Taft, Ca January 9th

Wednesday Janurary 13, 2016

Niko and Shawn from Andersin Designs & Graphics drove out with me to Taft, Ca. We set up camp with my new Action Sports Canopy, passed through tech, and took one last look at the rzr before the first race of the year. Saturday morning I put on my new K1 Race Gear and took some photos with my new canopy, new truck wrap, and my new Polaris RZR 1000. I started far outside of eight other women and came out of turn one in fifth place. After a few turns and one huge step up, I quickly jumped in second. My power steering continued to go out forcing me to shut off the rzr multiple times going back and forth passing between 2nd to 4th place. I got rear-ended and my exhaust was hanging off which forced me to pull into the pits. I’m bummed I didn’t have any luck in the race so I went back to the starting line to race the Pros SxS class next. I barley had time to gas up, but I was eager to get back out on the track and give it another try. Off the starting line in the pro class I came into turn 1 in second place then had the lead in my row. A few short miles later I Unfortunately broke an a-arm half way through the first lap in the Pro SXS class. I tried to make it back to the pits but I was farther than I thought which ended my day. I want to thank Todd from Absolute Motorsports for helping me back to camp! It was my first time driving the new build so I’m happy with the overall outcome of how the rzr handled. This is not the way I wanted to start the season, but I know exactly what I need to do to win round 2.
Womens SxS #72, 9th place.
Pro SxS #72, DNF.
Thank you my team: Superatv.com, Fuel Off-road, Black Rhino Performance, Andersin Design, Bikeman Performance, King Shocks, CP Carrillo, K&N Filters, UTV Sports Mag, Action Sports Canopy, UTV underground, Cody Haggerty, K1 Race Gear, MTX Audio, Streamline Brakes, Bell Racing, SC Bail, and Rockwell Watches.





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Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo

The off-road world is becoming increasingly popular these days and seen as at the record-breaking weekend for the Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo powered by General Tire at the Pomona Fairplex on October 3 and 4. The weekend show drew more than 69,000 fans, which was a huge increase over last year’s attendance. Off-road fans from all over Southern California made the trek to the Fairplex to check out some of the hottest collection of off-road vehicles, products and more! 

The annual even showcased more than 325 exhibitors, more than 10 acres of everything off-road and five interactive demos. It was seriously a great weekend and I was on hand signing autographs for fans at the K&N booth. The Expo featured tons of companies that sell off-road parts for UTVs, Jeeps, trucks and anything else you need to off-road. K&N invited me to sign autographs of a photo that was actually featured in their calendar, so it was an honor to go out and meet new and old fans. 

And throughout the day, K&N had fan games at their booth to attract visitors to check out their products, which resulted in a huge crowd throughout the weekend’s Expo. 

Of course, there were other huge names in racing at the Expo, signing autographs and meeting fans, including notable names like BJ Baldwin, Casey Currie and more. It was amazing to meet so many fans and create new ones who are now interested in what I’m doing. 

It’s always great to represent for all of my sponsors and I relish in every opportunity again, so I’d like to thank K&N Filters for being one of Katie’s V’s Racing supportive sponsors!

offroad expo 7

offroad expo4 offroad expo3 offroad expo2

offroad expo1

offroad expo 8  offroad expo 6 offroad expo

San Clemente,CA 9/28/2015

The 2015 Sand Sports Super Show was a massive hit last weekend. I’ve been going to this show for the past seven years and a lot has changed. The show was so full of sand cars and buggies that there was even sand rails hanging up side down from the roof.
Fast forward to 2015, I’d call it the UTV Sports Super Show. Tons of utvs were on display with plenty of parts and accessories for sale. The Sand Sport Super show is the kick off to desert season which means people are gearing up for Glamis, Dumont, and Ocotillo wells. These are just some of the local riding areas outside the show.
My Polaris RZR 1000 was on display at the UTV Sports Mag booth and I was signing my cover of the August issue. I had the chance to meet tons of off-road fanatics and some new potential sponsor for my 2016 race program. Stadium Super Trucks put on a show every night with there powerful V8 trucks, trophy karts, Artic Cats, and one other class that had 1400 trucks mixed in with other cars that are not made to be going off any jumps. It was hilarious to say the least. Check out the photos below to see some of the UTVs I loved and some of the great people I met at the show.
Thank you again UTV Sports Magazine for having me at your booth and if you haven’t check them out yet, your missing out!!! www.UTVSPORTSMAG.com
Also thank you to the sponsor that make Katie V Racing possible: SuperATV, nFlow, Polaris, KN Filters, MTX Audio, UTV Underground, Walker Evans Racing, Racer X Motorsports, Eibach, PRP Seats, GMZ Race Products, Bell Helmets, SC Bail, Factory UTV, ProArmor, DynoJet, Awethentik, Cody Haggerty Digital Media, Empire Industries, Queen Racing and Molecule.
















July 30th 2015 San Clemente,

Eibach hosted their first-ever open house this past weekend and since they’re one of my sponsors now, I made sure to go out and support the event! Held at their headquarters in Corona, CA, the special off-road event showed the public how Eibach does things. Many from the off-road community came down to take a look at their state-of-the-art facility and scope out some rides sporting their products, while getting to mingle with other like-minded off-road enthusiasts who share a passion for all things off-road related. 

They’re now sponsoring me with their new UTV springs for my Polaris RZR 900 and Polaris RZR 1000, and I can’t wait to go out and try them! And they even gave me their new Polaris RZR 1000 sway bar, which is another badass mod I’m looking forward to adding to my RZR 1000. I also showed up with my Polaris RZR 900 to show off to the crowd and signed some autographs, took pictures and just got to really hang out with some awesome people. I even ended up doing some donuts in my Polaris out in the parking lot, which really revved up fans

So for those not in the know, Eibach makes some of the best performance springs in the off-road market. Their springs can handle anything you throw at it, which sis what makes them one of the best. And I’m not saying this because they’re one of my sponsors, but because it’s true! They make springs for regular street rides, race cars and off-road monsters, which is why I’m excited to have them onboard and part of my team. 

I can’t wait to see what’s the future holds for me and my new sponsor and only time will tell!

Katie Vernola


image1-5 image2-3

image1-6 image3-2





A couple weekends ago was the Long Beach Grand Prix and this year I made sure I wasn’t going to miss it. The event started Friday with practice and qualifying on Saturday and racing on Sunday. I got tickets for Sunday J my morning started about 5am so I could see the first race at 7:20, which was the Robby Gordon Stadium Super Trucks. I lucked out on traffic from San Clemente to the shore of Long Beach just a few minutes before the race began. The green flag dropped and there was about a dozen V8 roaring trucks hitting metal ramps placed throughout the LBGP road course (race photo below). I was happy to see some familiar faces racing that I know from the Lucas Oil Racing series. After the SST race, they moved the ramps off the track and the exotic cars came out for their race (Video bellow). All Sunday had back to back races almost every hour and spent all day watching intense racing and enjoyed all the vendors out at the LBGP. While the Indy cars were getting ready I ran into Playboy Playmate sister Charis. She was signing shirts and poster for LBGP fans and I got a chance to catch up and talk right before the Indy car race started. My seats were right at a u-turn on the track, which had great action and racing throughout the turn. Sunday was a fun full day of racing leaving me wanting to speed race home. I can’t wait for next years Long Beach Grand Prix. With the weekend coming to an end I can’t wait for this coming Saturday. I rented out the Lake Elsinore Lucas oil race track to practice in both of my rzr’s for the next round of Lucas oil Regionals round 4.

Thank you for following the life of me and Katie V racing.

Katie Vernola

IMG_0288-1 gp4 gp1 gp gp2 gp3 gp5 gp6 gp7 gp9 gp10

Every year Sema puts on a huge show at the Las Vegas convention center. This year I was lucky enough to be there with Utv Underground and Mad Media showing off their new XP1K2 video featuring RJ Anderson. The show was Tuesday to Friday with plenty of action going on throughout the week. For being an automotive show there was so many fully built Utv’s on display. The new XP1K2 video was huge hit. Everyone was in shock with the stunts RJ did in the video and left them wanting more. You must see XP1K and XP1K2

A BIG thanks to Utv Underground and Mad Media for your Hospitality!

sema 7 sema 4 sema 5 sema1 smea 2 1904216_846804002037294_9027538460203571569_n 10689861_846868795364148_8116771646798670037_n 1012527_847466898637671_2610340790783666138_n 1459348_848133438571017_2340074019717511431_n 998422_848245581893136_1083439276599013117_n





Lucas Oil Regional’s Final Round
Race Report
Last weekend has been in my mind for weeks going into the final round. Sitting in top ten with the points all so close it was crucial to finish my best. I received very exciting news, I was fortunate enough to pull double duty racing my Polaris rzr xp 900 AND a Trophy kart 450. Practice ended early in my Polaris rzr, breaking a few parts in the front. Lucky enough, Temecula Motorsports helped me press in some new parts quickly enough to get back out on the track practicing.
Saturday mornings first race was in the Trophy 450 Kart. I qualified 10th out of 13 and was racing against unlimited utv’s and other Trophy 450cc Karts. I ended up finishing an 8th place overall in the unlimited utv class. In my Polaris rzr I qualified 11th out of 15 and just seconds from the leader. Getting that extra seat time, I threw on some more tear offs, hopped into my rzr and lined up with some extra knowledge of the track conditions. The car was setup better as the track dried out and battled to a 10th place finish which placed me 10th overall out of 22. This year I achieved my goals for all top 10 finishes and cannot wait to see what 2015 brings!!
Katie V Racing is powered by: Super ATV, Yoshimura R&D, Bell Racing, PRP Seats, Dynojet, SC Bail, UTV Underground, Awthentik, The Synetic Group, K&N Filters, Walker Evans Racing, ITP Wheels & Tires and Crow Race Gear
rzr race 3 rzrrac  2
rzr race 1
rzr race 6
rzr race 5
rzr race 7
rzr race8
rzr race 9


Last weekend was the 16th annual Sand Sport Super Show at the Orange County fair grounds in California. It was exciting to get the opportunity to have my rzr in the SuperAtv booth. The show was Friday to Sunday and by far the busiest show in the last four years. Saturday and Sunday I did an autograph signing at the PRP Seats booth. Their booth was very busy and everyone loved the products. The best part about the show was getting to spend time with the people that support and help me race. One thing was for sure Polaris rzrs took over the show, so many awesome builds and exciting new products coming out. I am super excited about my next Lucas Oil Regional Race. Looking at all the utv’s was such a tease I can’t wait to put the helmet back on October 11th at Lake Elsinore.

Thank you SuperAtv for having the rzr showcased in your booth, PRP for having me sign autographs and all of my sponsor that make it possible.

Katie V Racing is powered by: Super ATV, Yoshimura R&D, Bell Racing, PRP Seats, Dynojet, SC Bail, UTV Underground, Awthentik, The Synetic Group, K&N Filters, IMG Motorsports, Walker Evans Racing, ITP Wheels & Tires and Crow Enterprizes10700629_911584108869549_5364233942719602148_o


team prp

niko katie brandon



prp signing



kt tim

end of show