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Racer changes things up for the New Year


January 12, 2016 (San Clemente, CA) – UTV Racer Katie Vernola announces new changes for the Katie V Racing team for 2016. In her third year as a racer in the UTV circuit, she’s changing up her race strategy this year and focusing on new goals to enhance her racing career. Previously, she raced the two UTVs in the Lucas Oil Regional Southern California series. For 2015, she finished 20th out of 41 racers in the Production 1000 Class and came in 6th out of 15 other drivers in the Production 900 Class. In 2015, Vernola also raced the Terracross Championship, which was televised on CBS Sports and had 4 out 6 podium finishes and placed 3rd for the overall championships.

Now for 2016, Vernola went back to the drawing board to figure out what she could improve on and what sort of changes she could make for the new racing season. Although she enjoyed racing in the Lucas Oil Regional Southern California series, she’s now decided to compete in the Worcs Series and the UTV World Championship for the year, going from short-course style stadium racing to a more desert/short-course style racing. She will be racing the women’s UTV class, the SXS pro class and UTV world Championship.

Vernola set her sights out to work with the best companies in the industry to be on her team. is coming back as her title sponsor. Vernola will be using SuperAtv new long travel kit with front sway. Fuel Off-Road is on board as her associate 1 sponsor. Fuel Off-Road will soon be launching their new UTV wheel and tire line and decided to team up with Vernola to introduce them to the UTV community, given her massive following.

New to Vernola’s team is Andersin Design. Shawn Andersin will be creating all the wraps and design work for her race season. Vernola needed to be sure she was going to have enough power to race up front, she combined CP Carillo with Bikeman Performance for some well need extra horse power. The past three weeks BLACK RHINO PERFORMANCE have been working on building her a competitive UTV. BRP is at a new location, which now offers full service for UTVs; they’re a one-stop shop and stepped up big this year in helping Vernola in her quest for her first championship.

Her team for the 2016 season will include:, Fuel Off-road, Black Rhino Performance, Andersin Design, Bikeman Performance, King Shocks, CP Carrillo, K&N Filters, UTV Sports Mag, Action Sports Canopy, UTV underground, Cody Haggerty, K1 Race Gear, MTX Audio, Streamline Brakes, Bell Racing, SC Bail, and Rockwell Watches.

San Clemente, CA 9/29/2015



This past weekend was the Terracross Championship right outside the Charlotte Motor Speedway. I’m a huge fan of NASCAR and I’ve never been to North Carolina, so I was absolutely thrilled.I hopped on a plane Thursday morning to North Carolina and the pilot announced that we will be experiencing some turbulence along the way, so please keep your seat belt on at all times. I about jumped out of my skin, I will ride a bull or flip a car but I hate flying.

North Carolina rained the whole time we were there; but it was awesome to see since California hasn’t had much rain in the past year or so. Terracross held a drivers meeting on Friday and was told practice was cancelled due to the weather conditions. Instead, we all went to The Pit Indoor Kart Racing, which was a blast hanging out with all the rad people in Terracross. After a few hours racing, we went out for dinner and listened to some hilarious karaoke.

Saturday was race day and the rain never let up since we arrived. We were given an hour practice, one heat race, and one main. For this race, I competed in the pro men’s class because there was only one other female racing. The track was so crazy; I now understand why Terracross is considered, “Rough, Tough and Muddy”. It was a mud fest! It was a blast to drive in but really hard to see with the tires kicking up chucks of mud. I had an exciting heat race, slip n’ sliding into a 3rd place finish.

For the main event, they stacked all 12 of us in four rows. I had a great start coming out of turn one in 7th. By turn four I was in 5th just after the first lap. I quickly ran out of tear offs and after each lap, the track continued to get more and more difficult. With one and a half laps to go, I fell back to 6th and even worse; I broke the drive belt coming out of the tire section, which ended my day! Racing has a lot of ups and downs but I was overall extremely happy knowing I could run up front with the pro men of Terracross.

Last weekend was an absolute blast! I met some great people, had a lot of fun racing in the mud and made good friends with some racers and the staff. I want to thank all the staff at Terracross for all your hard work and time, making this such a fun, memorable experience.


Terracross will be putting on two more rounds of racing; dates will be announced soon!


I can’t thank and K&N Filters enough for making it possible to race this series!!


The photos below were taken by Joe Wiegele. Make sure you check him out at or on Instagram: @nostyleprod and Facebook: No.Style Productions.





Terracross_Charlotte_image Joe Wiegele-8062

Terracross_Charlotte_image Joe Wiegele-8194

Terracross_Charlotte_image Joe Wiegele-8449

Terracross_Charlotte_image Joe Wiegele-8434

Terracross_Charlotte_image Joe Wiegele-8975

Terracross_Charlotte_image Joe Wiegele-8247

Terracross_Charlotte_image Joe Wiegele-8615

Terracross_Charlotte_image Joe Wiegele-8625

Terracross_Charlotte_image Joe Wiegele-8990

San Clemente,CA 9/17/2015

Over 50,000 people take over this magnificent extravaganza known as Haydays in Minneapolis. Hundreds of racers from across the country, Canada and even Europe, travel to HayDays for the grand daddy of snowmobile grass drag racing. Dead center in over 100+ acres of power sports enthusiast was the Terracross Championship.

The track it self brought tons of spectators; however, once the engines started roaring the stands were completely full and the crowd surrounded the fences.

As always in Terracross, the women must have a co-driver and I was lucky enough to have Mike Johnson from Bad Endorsement ride with me.

Saturday began with two heats; placement determined starting position for Sundays race. The first heat was qualifying for round 3. I knew I needed a good start to get ahead of all the door banging because it’s was key to drive smart and keep the car together. Apparently the other drivers didn’t have that in mind, right from the start I got slammed from the back and on each side. Luckily, I was able to make it out in 3rd right before the huge freestyle jump that goes straight into two huge straight up and down jumps. I was able to pull off a 2nd place. finish for round 3. The second heat was qualifying for round 4. I pushed to be in the front of the pack but luck wasn’t on my side getting a 5th place finish.


On Sunday, CBS Sports placed cameras all throughout the track, the Polaris mechanics had the RZR 1000s on point and it was show time. Women’s round 3 kicked off the start of the show and boy were the fans in for a treat. We should of called it bumper cars instead of a race. I had a great start fighting for the first position throughout the first half of the race. On the third lap my power steering stopped working and it was extremely difficult to hold on through the rough terrain. With only three laps to go, my clutch continued to disengage pulling be back a spot; but luckily, I was able to make a block pass on the last lap giving me a 3rd place finish for round 3.

Round 4 didn’t go as well. I started in the back and made it into second by the first turn. I got hit on the inside forcing me to tip on two wheel and I saved it putting me in third. Going into turn two on the inside is a steep jump which we had to slow down for so you don’t nose dive straight into the hill. 1st, 2nd, and myself were bumper to bumper slowing down and the girl behind me decides to hit me hard in the back not once, but twice, breaking both of my rear axles. I didn’t know I was broke so I continued to race. After just two turns and flying off the over under jump sideways I knew my race was over.

Terracross in North Branch Minnesota at HayDays was a weekend I will never forget. I met tons of people, made great friends, made more awesome relationships in the industry and to top it off, I got to do what I love; race!

Thank you SuperATV and K&N Filters for making this possible.

Thank you to Bell Racing for sending me product to my hotel for the race 🙂

Photos by Joe Wiegele at No Style Productions

Terracross_Haydays_vernola_091315_image Joe Wiegele-4448 Terracross_Haydays_vernola_091315_image Joe Wiegele-5684 haydays

IMG_2208  Terracross_Haydays_vernola_091315_image Joe Wiegele-6097 Terracross_Haydays_091115_image Joe Wiegele-4499 copy 2015-terracross-racing-championship-haydays-utvunderground.com043 Terracross_Haydays_091315_image Joe Wiegele-5629


UTV Sports Magazine Feature

So I’m so excited to announce that I’m in the latest issue of UTV Sports Magazine (their August issue), where I talk about my career, hobbies and, of course, my two race cars. Not only was I featured in the magazine, but I’m also on the cover! I’m super stoked about this amazing opportunity and hope you get a chance to read the feature yourself!

The piece highlights my modeling career, time as a Playboy Bunny (I’m the youngest bunny to ever pose for the iconic magazine) and how it was all part of my plan to become a racer. I know it sounds strange, but I needed to save enough money to help buy my first UTV to embark on my racing dreams and once I got it, it was the biggest moment in my life. The 20-page-plus feature goes describes how I got into riding dirt bikes and how I got interested in UTVs, in addition to my preference of racing guys over girls.

I also confess that if racing trumps modeling since it’s my future. It’s a question I’m always asked, but what people don’t understand is now that I’m living my dream, modeling is now just a hobby and something I do when I’m not out racing or in my UTV.

This is an amazing accomplishment and hopefully the first of many more magazine features that highlights my career as a racer! As for right now, I’m focused on finishing the Lucas oil Regional Series and hope to take home the trophy. But like the piece mentions, I’ve got some secrets I’m working on right now and can’t let them out just yet, so stay tuned for more by keeping up with and all my other social media channels!


To sign up free to the magazine click this link:

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September 2, 2015

Lucas Oil Regional’s Southern California, August 29, 2015 Round 6 at Glen Helen Raceway.










DSC_9134rzr 900DSC_8300

rzr 1000 3

rzr 1000 4

rzr 1000 2

rzr 1000

rzr 1000 1

Round 2 of Lucas Oil Regionals Southern California on March 7, 2015 in Lake Elsinore, Ca.

I raced my SuperATV Polaris RZR 900 #772 in the Walker Evens RZR class and I also raced my SuperATV Polaris RZR 1000 #972 in the production 1000 class.

Arrived at Lake Elsinore motocross track friday around noon.

I had a short practice in my RZR 1000 and decided to lower the ride height and tire pressure.

We struggled a little bit in qualifying starting me in the middle of the pack in both classes.

Highlights from my race would be increasing my lap times.

I finished 7th out of 10 in the Walker Evans RZR class and with some contact from my competitors I finishing 21st out of 26 in the production 1000 class.

I’d like to specifically thank Racer X for setting me up with best radios making it easy to communicate to my spotter. Big thanks to Walker Evans Racing for setting up my shocks at the track. Lastly, thank you my team SuperATV, nFlow, GMZ Race Products, Polaris, MTX Audio, CarrOne Fabrication, Walker Evans Racing, Racer X Motorsports, K&N, PRP Seats, Yoshimura, Bell Helmets, SC Bail, UTV Underground, Factory UTV, Queen Racing, ProArmor, DynoJet, Awethentik, Cody Haggerty Digital Media.

Round 3 of Lucas Oil Regionals Southern California on March 8, 2015 in Lake Elsinore, Ca.

I raced my SuperATV Polaris RZR 900 #772 in the Walker Evens RZR class and I also raced my SuperATV Polaris RZR 1000 #972 in the production 1000 class

Arrived at Lake Elsinore motocross track friday around noon.

I’d say practice was the race the day before increasing my confidence on the track.

Qualifying my RZR 900 was great, I ended up starting inside the front row.
Qualifying my RZR 1000 wasn’t as good, I continued to spin out over simple straight always. I pulled off the track and my team broke down the car to find the front differential roll cage broke.

Unfortunately my RZR 900 race came to an end with some contact in a turn putting me on my side breaking a tie rod.

Due to mechanical difficulties in qualifying I did not make it to round 3 of the production 1000 main event.

A big highlight of round 3 is starting on the front row of my RZR 900 class.

Thank you my team SuperATV, nFlow, GMZ Race Products, Polaris, MTX Audio, CarrOne Fabrication, Walker Evans Racing, Racer X Motorsports, K&N, PRP Seats, Yoshimura, Bell Helmets, SC Bail, UTV Underground, Factory UTV, Queen Racing, ProArmor, DynoJet, Awethentik, Cody Haggerty Digital Media





San Clemente, CA

March 16th was the first ever UTV World championship present by Polaris RZR held in Laughlin, Nevada. I loaded up both Polaris Rzr’s into the trailer and headed out to Laughlin early Friday morning to register and go threw Contingency. Once we arrived I decided to race my RZR 900 in the 70mile short course race. After registration I took the RZR to tech. At contingency I was happy to spend sometime with SuperATV, MTX Audio, and GMZ Race Products. We passed tech and was off to the Hotel for the drivers meeting. At the end of the drivers meeting I saw that I was picked 4th start position. Saturday was race day, they started the desert race first and my short course race at 2pm. I watched the race before mine, looking for the fastest line on the track and took a quick look over the RZR before it was time to line up. I started behind the RZR 1000s and the starts were different than what I was used to. They had us turn off the engines and once the green flag drops you start and go. I got a good start and I was off , hitting the worst dust I have ever raced on. I started to get some good vision after passing a few 1000’s in the dust. I came pass the main pit and did not stop everything felt great. Going into the motor cross section I was running 2nd in the production 900 class. I almost made it to lap 3 until I drove a wheel and tire off. I sheared off some parts on the driver side rear, which ended my day, but I still placed 4th in the class. I look forward to getting the RZR fixed and making it stronger for the next race.


I want to thank Joey D, UTV Underground, Mad Media and BITD over 120+ UTV entries. It was one of the best races so far this season!


Katie V Racing is powered by:, Nflow motorsports, Utv Underground, Polaris RZR, GMZ Race products, Carr one fabrication, Walker Evans Racing, Bell racing, PRP Seats, Kn Filters, MTX Audio, Yoshimura, dynojet, Cody Haggerty, Awthentik design group, Racer X motorsports, Factory Utv, ProArmor





utvwc drivers meeting







San Clemente CA- February 14 Valentines day, was the first round of Lucas Oil Regional So-Cal division at the Glen Helen Raceway. Going into round one, I completed in two classes racing my Polaris Rzr xp 1000 and Rzr xp 900. I arrived Friday night to get a good night rest before the early morning registration and tech. Saturday morning both rzr’s passed tech and were weighed before qualifying. I first qualified in my rzr xp 900, where I ended up placing 8th. In the rzr 1000 qualifying went a little bit better, starting 26 out of 33 rzrs. After all the classes got done running 6 laps there was a 2 hour break before the main event race. I inspected both rzrs and everything looked good, but I did make a tire psi adjustment due to the muddy conditions on the track.  Race 7 was the Walker Evans utv 900 race and I started second to last row. When the green flag dropped I quickly pulled another racer into turn one which I held 7th position throughout the race. With a couple laps to go the rzr 900 was coming in and out of limp mode due to the radiator full of mud but I was still able to finish the race in 8th place. Race 8 was the Production 1000 race, where I started on the 13th row back. Glen Helen is a narrower track than others, so with having 33 rzrs racing on the track felt like being in a race of rush hour traffic with elephants. Lucas oil threw the green flag pretty late almost into the last jump leading the 33 rzrs into turn one. When the green flag dropped I got a great run into the first turn passing 3-4 rzrs on the first lap. Throughout the race I passed about 2 rzrs each lap. There was tons of door to door banging and rubbing wheels just to make a pass. Coming into the last lap I was currently running 17th and on the second to last turn made a pass on two racers rzrs that lead me to checkered flag running 15th out of 33 other racers. Overall I was happy with the results for round 1 of Lucas oil regional and we are going back to the drawing board to figure out what changes I can make to come out even faster for round 2.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 #972

Polaris RZR XP   900 #772

Photo Credit: Buddy @ Papaian Enterprises

Katie V Racing is powered by:, Nflow motorsports, Utv Underground, Polaris RZR, GMZ Race products, Carr one fabrication, Walker Evans Racing, Bell racing, PRP Seats, Kn Filters, MTX Audio, Yoshimura, dynojet, Cody Haggerty, Awthentik design group, Racer X motorsports, Factory Utv, ProArmor

Onboard GOPRO in the Polaris RzR 1000. I sped up the video for faster viewing.
















February 9, 2015 San Clemente, CA: February 4th was the King of the Hammers race presented by Polaris RZR. My stepdad and I were ready to take on one of the toughest UTV races in the world. 53 Utv’s signed up in the pro and sportsman class. KOH drew starting positions and we got lucky starting on the pole in the Sportsman class. I was co-dawg for this race which means I had to navigate the 125 mile race course and spot through the tougher rock sections winching our way out of giant rock hills. We started the race about 34 out of 53 overall being sent off the starting line side by side every 30 seconds. When the green flag dropped we hit some jumps leaving hammer town to be quickly stopped at our first hill climb. One utv was blocking the first trail and we took a higher line which lead us around the jam and right up the hill. From race mile 3-6 we hit the dry lake bed going about 70 mph where a helicopter followed just feet above us leading into the first pit stop. In the pits the American Rock Rods crew did a quick check of the rzr and sent us back out for the rest of lap 1 (ruffly 40 miles). After a couple rock hills we managed to pass a few utvs that got stuck behind other cars. Around race mile 40 I called the main pit in hammer town letting them know we are coming into the pits, the rzr 1000 felt good and was still in good condition. As we passed through the start/finish line coming into the main pit for gas and a quick check, we quickly realized we were running in the top 10 overall. Keeping a constant speed we hit our next climb called aftershock at race mile 63. A loud snap quickly ended our day with a front broken diff. Very bummed on losing 4wd but was very happy for our first King of the Hammers race.

Katie V Racing is powered by:, Nflow motorsports, Utv Underground, GMZ Race products, Mtx Audio, Carr one fabrication, Bell racing, PRP Seats, Kn Filters, Yoshimura, dynojet, Cody Haggerty, Polaris RZR, Awthentik design group, Racer X motorsports, Factory Utv, ProArmor.
 Highlight from the 2015 Polaris RZR UTV King of the Hammers races

On board view of our Polaris RZR xp 1000 #1972





KOH 10









KOH 11










San Clemente, CA – Katie V Racing is proud to announce nFLOW Motorsports as an associate sponsor for the upcoming 2015 UTV racing season. Katie Vernola has quickly established herself in the short course racing scene, finishing top ten in points out of twenty two drivers for the 2014 Lucas Oil Regional Season, resulting in finishing as the top female in class, all this in her first full season of racing. Katie, excited about the prospects of the sponsorship, stated “I am excited about teaming up with nFLOW, as I feel their expertise in the UTV market will only help my program for 2015.” Katie added, “nFLOW is an innovative company within the industry, with the unique ability to completely remanufacture ATV/UTV engines, assuring the engines will be at their best.” Brandon Boots, Chairman of nFLOW, stated, “Teaming up with Katie is a perfect match for nFLOW.  We are proud to sponsor a driver who we know has a strong desire to win a championship and will be a great ambassador for the nFLOW name.”


nFLOW Motorsports is based out of Evansville, IN and its specialty is remanufacturing ATV/UTV engines.  nFLOW has experienced exponential growth in the last 2 years and continues to position itself as the leader in this area of the industry.  Chris Wolf, CEO and Mike Wolf, President who both bring extensive knowledge to the remanufacturing of ATV/UTV engines lead nFLOW. Please visit and for more information. For questions about the press release, please contact Brandon Boots at 812-480-2612.