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Sand Sport Super Show

San Clemente,CA 9/28/2015 The 2015 Sand Sports Super Show was a massive hit last weekend. I’ve been going to this show for the past seven years and a lot has changed. The show was...

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Haydays Terracross Racing

San Clemente,CA 9/17/2015 Over 50,000 people take over this magnificent extravaganza known as Haydays in Minneapolis. Hundreds of racers from across the country, Canada and even Europe,...

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Utv sports magazine feature

UTV Sports Magazine Feature So I’m so excited to announce that I’m in the latest issue of UTV Sports Magazine (their August issue), where I talk about my career, hobbies and, of cou...

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Lucas oil Regional round 6

September 2, 2015 Lucas Oil Regional’s Southern California, August 29, 2015 Round 6 at Glen Helen Raceway.   Southern California’s temperature hit an all time high reaching 11...

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