Cahuilla Creek Round 6

Cahuilla Creek Motocross Dirt Series Round 6

Pro UTV class 5th place finish

I arrived at the track Saturday for practice and Sunday was race day. The Dirt Series has two races and they combine both for an overall finish. Practice went really good with my new 2.5 King shocks on the rear and it performed flawless jumping into the flats and step up the Cahuilla track offered. After two 20-minute practice sessions I felt very comfortable on the track. Pete Corwin from Got Sand Performance and Niko Skiparnias changed the belt, K&N Filters, added a splash of Renegade race fuel and I was prepared to take on the Pro UTV race. The first race on Sunday I lined up in the center of 9 other Pro drivers. It was a land rush start nine wide up a steep hill into a tight u-turn. The green flagged dropped and my Bikeman Performance motor pulled hard and in the first turn I was in 4th place. I came around the second turn with three racers that checked up and unfortunately I got tangled into the back of Nic Grunland. It took a minute to get us separated and luckily we were able to continue racing. With us being dead last I just put my head down and pushed the rzr to 7th place. I parked the RZR back into the pits to prepare for the second race and found only minor plastic scratches. I got lined up for the second race and pulled hard up the hill in second and came out of the first turn in 3rd. I battled hard through the motocross track and was able to finish 4th for an overall finish of 5th for round 6 of Dirt Series. The Super Atv a-arms and rhino axles held up once again through the big jumps, tough landings and rough sections. My Bikeman Performance motor ran so strong with two really good starts and tons of power out of the corners. My King Shocks let me push my rzr to the limits and still stay super smooth. The Fuel Offroad tires hooked up the hole time and throughout the sandy course. A special thank you to Pete Corwin for making sure the car was perfect for this motocross style track.

Photo Credit: Cody Haggerty, Throttle Junkies, Steven Bell.

Video credit: Garret George

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