#WomanCrushWednesday Katie V. Racing Wins 1st in her class!

“I was so happy I ran the X Comp 33″ A/T ATR [at The Mint 400] because it gave me the height I needed, in the roughest terrain I’ve raced on. The ruts were so deep it tried to take control, but the X Comp tires wouldn’t allow it. The tires had amazing traction! ” – Katie Vernola, Driver of Katie V. Racing

The Mint 400 is a 400 mile off-road race and festival that attracts 500+ race teams and over 65,000 fans in Las Vegas in the near week long event.

#WCW  (& everyday too) goes to @katievracing who not only iron woman’s @themint400 – she also WINS 1st place in the UTV RS1 Class riding on Gladiator X Comp A/T ATR’s!  Keep scrolling to experience her journey out in one of America’s grueling off road races. 

There is a bonus in the event results! All races had a live stream coverage that generated 25+ hours of content seen in 126 countries by more than 800,000 viewers – a massive jump from 2019!

Desert racing usually consists of a driver and co-driver/navigator. Katie’s Polaris RS1 was built specifically for The Mint 400 race. It is a single seater, so she took on the challenge to Iron Woman the Mint 400 by herself.

The starting line format was 2 race cars off the line every minute. There was three laps, each 107 miles with three pits in between.
“I tried to make up time I had lost [due to a clutch issue]. I didn’t take it too easy going through the rock garden and shooting range because I knew my tires could handle it,” said Katie.

After a steering issue, the RS1 was now driving great! With the sun setting and 230+ miles left to go, Katie was focused on finishing the remaining miles ahead.

Unfortunately previous vehicles who crashed had taken out some of the track markings, making it very difficult to see where the track was. After finding her way and 2 more fuel stops, Katie gets the checkered flag, taking the win of her class by being the only finisher.

“I’m proud to say I’m the only lady to race the Mint 400 solo in a UTV. My Gladiator X Comp tires performed flawlessly at 85 miles an hour on the lake bed and even at 30mph through the harshest rock quarry where there is nothing but sharp rock for miles,” said Katie.

With determination and spirit, and after a long, wild night out in one of America’s grueling off-road races, her win is definitely well deserved. 💪 Congratulations again, Katie. Cheers to you and all to come!

“I cannot thank Gladiator X Comp enough for building an amazing tire with zero flats and zero issues and tires that look like they can go another 300+ miles,” said Katie.

During these unprecedented times, let the Brand Ambassadors continue being the storytellers of their adventures for you to experience. Hear what it’s like to race on Gladiator X Comp Tires and enjoy the ride. Stay positive, safe and healthy!

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  1. She is so talented. I admire her. Katie was courageous when she overcame her fear and conquered the challenging trails. Achieving such success is not easy for a girl. I’m also a jeep and off-road lover, but I’m not confidently pursuing my passion yet. She inspired me. Thanks for your post.

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