WORCS Racing Lake Havasu round 5

Katie Vernola Finishes Fifth at WORCS Round Five

Lake Havasu City, AZ (3/20/16)- Super ATV’s Katie Vernola clinched a top five finish at round five of WORCS from Lake Havasu City, AZ. This was the last race of the double header weekend, with round four taking place on Saturday. Vernola competed in the Women’s class, where she battled for the lead then suffered mechanical difficulties on the last two laps of the race to salvage a fifth place finish. 

Vernola launched herself to a great start and the race looked promising early on. “I got a better start then I did yesterday,which I was excited about. I just tried to keep up the momentum up and run up front early,” stated Vernola. 

Unfortunately, the momentum was quickly stalled out when mechanical troubles began. “Within maybe 30 seconds of the first lap I had to turn off the car. It sounded like it was stuck in neutral. I was still in high, so I turned off the car and then tried to get back going,” explained Vernola.

After Vernola did get back going on the track she made some serious progress, catching all the way up to second place. Vernola ran second with just a few seconds gap on first and suddenly, mechanical troubles struck again when Vernola hit a sharp rock on the track, which caused her to get a flat tire, causing her to slowly lose positions. “My car was hot and suffering a flat tire so that was a bummer. First place and I had a big lead on the other competitors, we were about a minute or so ahead. However with only two laps to go and suffering issue I was able to still limp around and finish fifth place. I was barely going two mph up those hills. I thought for a second I was going to have to get out and push, but I managed to get passed the checkered flag,” said Vernola.

Despite the issues, Vernola enjoyed the race and the track. “The lagoon jump was fun. I am landing very smooth, the King shocks just cushion it up so its not a hard landing at all. I am racing on SuperAtv’s long travel Kit which is the best aftermarket improvement I have on my Polaris RZR. My Bikeman Performance motor has soooo much power I absolutely love it!!! Lake Havasu is so much fun, I can not wait to get out here and race again. The sand is beach sand so it feels really nice. I am loving the track style. The sand and woops are similar to back home so its nice to drive on something I’m familiar with,” reported Vernola. 

I want to give a big thank you to Superatv for getting me the best parts in the industry and to Fuel Offroad for providing me tires and wheels that have with held the beating I put it through. Also thank you to Black Rhino Performance and Erik Ridens for there prep work in between races. King Shocks dialed me in before the race which made my rzr perform amazing through the holes and whoops Lake Havasu offered. My Bikeman Performance motor with CP Carillo rods and pistons make it for one fast machine!!

We will be back for round six. Hopefully I will finally get that first place,” said Vernola about her next WORCS series appearance. Round six will be held on April 15-17 at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, UT.

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