Worcs Racing round 3 South Point Casino

Katie Vernola Clinches Second Place Finish at South Point WORCS

Las Vegas, NV (2/29/2016) – Super ATV’s Katie Vernola competed in the third round of the WORCS series in Las Vegas, NV at the South Point Casino. Vernola competed in both the Pro and Women’s SxS class, where she took a career best second place finish.

In the Pro class, Vernola pushed herself to a fifteenth place finish out of a total 26 cars. “I started in the very last row and I hit some traffic right out of the start. I tried to keep it cool, calm, and collected. I was able to make some good passes, but I did take some hard hits from all directions and my power steering continued to shut off,” explained Vernola. With her passenger trailing arm bent and her drive shaft bent she was still able to make it to the checkered flag. The track consisted of tight u-turns, jumps, tire and sand section, and containers we had to drive over and through.

The hits from other racers caused some damage to Vernola’s car that required welding work. Dale from H Town Performance opened up shop Sunday morning to do repairs on some of my parts and Erik from Black Rhino Performance got everything prepped and put back together before her next race.

Next up for Vernola was the Women’s class, and after the track time Vernola stacked up in the Pro class, she was feeling confident heading into the Women’s race. “I did not get exactly what I wanted from the pro class, but I knew what I needed to do to get my times better in Women’s,” said Vernola. Unfortunately for Vernola, she was caught up with some other cars in the start, which caused her to come out last.

“I just tried to keep it smooth and keep up the pace as much as I could. My car handled really well through those huge bumps thanks to my SuperATV long travel and King suspension. My Fuel Off Road Wheels and Tires felt really great on the multiple terrains at South Point Casino. I drove by tons of people with flat tires or suspension torn apart, but I was able to make it through the 30 minute pro race and the 30 minute Women’s race with only minor damages that we were able to fix,” stated Vernola.

Despite being tangled up in the start in the women’s class, Vernola put her head down and charged her way through the pack to a career best second place finish. “I was so excited to pass the checkered flag because it was my best finish yet in the WORCS series. My Bikeman Performance engine was so fast and sound so good in the indoor arenas,” stated Vernola.

Round four and five of the WORCS series will be held in Lake Havasu, AZ on March 18-20th. Watch for Vernola to return as strong as ever and charging for the win.

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